Symposium: "At the Vortex of Art-Opera: Trends and Reversals"

Over the course of four centuries, opera has witnessed developments, transformations and changes in taste and public demand.

What are the perspectives in opera present and future?  How does renewal align with the study and evaluation of tradition, so that it can be a reference point? Finally, what are the current objectives of study for a young artist working in opera today?

In an effort to explore all the above questions, the Society for the House of the Opera and the Academy of Lyric Art "Maria Callas" held an International Symposium on Monday May 17th and Tuesday May 18th at the New Acropolis Museum on "At the Vortex of Art-Opera: Trends and Reversals"

Participants: Jean-Louis Martinoty, René de Ceccatty, Georges Banu, Petrika Ionesco, Alessio Vlad, Alberto Zedda, Vassilis Papavassiliou, Myron Michaelides, Nikias Lountzis, Thomas Moschopoulos, Vasily Barkhatov, Yannis Kokkos, Vasos Papos.

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